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General Communication Etiquette with Deaf Individuals

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By Razonda Munyaradzi, Staff Interpreter

Deaf people prefer that you focus on their ABILITIES, not their inability to hear. Deaf individuals still are very capable. Always acknowledge him or her as a person. Do not use terms or references such as, “hearing-impaired, deaf-mute, or handicapped.” The preferred usage is “Deaf.” It is a cultural and socio-political description Deaf people appreciate, as they do not see a need to be changed, fixed, or improved in terms of BEING who they are as people who are not hearing. Language, identity, and attitude are powerful. It is important to overcome stereotypical behaviors and build bridges no matter our differences.

The Behavioral Effect of Limited Communication in the Home

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By Wayne Johnson, Coordinator of Client Services, Salinas

Read through books and Websites that focus on child raising and you will notice one common element, the importance of “effective communication” with your child. Federal law requires schools, employers, city, county, state and federal agencies, community benefit organizations and private sector businesses to ensure “effective communication” for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Unfortunately, effective communication between hearing parents and their children who are deaf and hard of hearing is not required.

Valley Deaf Festival 2014!

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VDF flyer thumbnail

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On Saturday November 22, 2014, the deaf community from all over Central California will be coming to DHHSC’s 26th Valley Deaf Festival!

This is an exciting event that DHHSC staff looks forward to hosting, and we hope to see more attendees coming from other areas, such as LA, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.

This year’s theme is “Rocking 1950s with DHHSC.” This special event, sponsored by Sprint and DHHSC, will highlight fun and fashion from the 1950s. Think Elvis. Think Grease. Think saddle shoes and more!

At the low cost of $5 per person, it’s a cheap way to enjoy your Saturday! We invite all deaf community members, their friends and families, interpreters, educators, and anyone else interested in joining us for the day.

There will be food, games, entertainment including a special performance by Break The Barriers, and vendor booths.

So what will you do that Saturday? We hope you’ll come and spend the day with us!


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