Why Fix People Who Do Not Need to be Fixed?

By Paul Barnett, Communication Specialist/Accountant The online tech web magazine Corporate Bytes recently published an article entitled “Weird Things about Elon Musk You Should Know.”  Elon Musk is one of the world’s best-known innovators managing companies and projects specializing in electric, self-driving cars and private space explorations. The article describes how Musk, as a child, would often […]

A ROCK Success Story

By Shelley stout, Client Services Specialist, and Michelle Bronson, Executive Director The following story has been shared with permission of the family. No confidential information, including names, is shared. Three and a half years ago, our Client Services Specialist (CSS), who provides services through our Reaching Out and Communicating with our Kids (ROCK) program, met […]


By Lisa Painter, Literacy Specialist So many hurtful things are happening in the world these days. People are hurting emotionally, mentally, and physically. Sometimes what is happening is caused by bullying. Bullying does not mean only physical acts such as hitting, kicking, pushing, and spitting on someone. You may be surprised that bullying happens much […]