About the BEST Program

By Susan Coulter, Educational Services Director

Breast cancer education & Support Team is a program providing education, awareness, and events related to breast cancer. Funding is provided by Susan G. Komen Foundation and facilitated by Susan Coulter and Taylor Galanti.

Breast cancer awareness and early detection is vital to men and women in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community, not only for themselves, but for their wives, partners, family members, and friends who will also benefit from the information taught. BEST will provide monthly workshops about breast cancer including breast cancer in women under age 40, breast cancer in men, the effects of hormones, risks factors, and the newest advancements in mammograms, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Breast cancer information is often inaccessible due to the written English language or no caption on videos. The BEST page at the DHHSC website will feature vlogs done in ASL of important breast cancer related information. A support group will be established for survivors of breast cancer and their journeys will be highlighted on the BEST page also.

Susan and Taylor will work together with Deaf and Hard of Hearing women to ensure they make appointments for their mammograms and are provided accommodations as needed. They can attend any appointments related to breast cancer and offer support. If the medical information is not clear they can offer clarity including explaining unknown medical terminology and use of pictures to provide a visual means of understanding.

Four wonderful events are in the planning stages for the community to attend. Breast Cancer Jeopardy will be held in September during Deaf Awareness Week , a Cake Walk fundraiser will be held during a Fall Carnival, Movie Night with a video about three Deaf breast cancer survivors will be held in January 2015, and a Health Fair with breast cancer related information will take place in March 2015.

The Komen Race for the Cure will be on Saturday, October 25th. We will form a DHHSC Team. Watch for details about joining the team. If you are a Deaf or Hard of Hearing breast cancer survivor or know someone who is, please contact Susan or Taylor. Susan Coulter—susanc@dhhsc.org, (559) 225-3323 voice, (559) 421-9792 VP Taylor Galanti—taylorg@dhhsc.org, (559) 302-9979 VP


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