ASL Summer Program

By Diana Davis, Coordinator of Client Services, Fresno

The ASL program is a special program to me.  Every summer, we offer an opportunity for parents and their children to come to DHHSC’s Fresno Headquarters and interact and play with their children.  We do groups for the parents, play games with the children and go on field trips.  We fundraise all year round by hosting movie nights and having candy bars for sale to reduce the cost of the summer week-long event.

This summer, we were joined by Shelley Stout , who worked with me on the ASL Summer Program.  We had so much fun with approximately 30 people. We went to Marble Slab for a tour on how they make their delicious goodies, followed by a chance to enjoy a treat.  We did arts, crafts and made fun snacks at DHHSC.  We also had a movie day and played jumbo Jenga with each family playing against each other.  We wrapped up the program by going to the Fresno Zoo.  It was a wonderful week of fun.

Watch out for our announcements through DHHSC News and our Vlogs for our movie nights.  The next one will be during Deaf Awareness Week.  The planning starts now for ASL Summer Program 2017 and we welcome all ideas.  Have a great 2016-2017 year.


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