Random Acts of Kindness Week

By Susan Coulter, Educational Services Director

The second week of February is designated as Random Acts of Kindness Week, or RAK, this year being February 12th to 18th. DHHSC Fresno Office decided to do a RAK project. We chose to show kindness to the Poverello House, a homeless shelter in downtown Fresno that provides meals, temporary shelter, social services, and healthcare. Looking at their website, www.poverellohouse.org, we choose from the list for household items, collecting towels, blankets, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant,  disposable razors, shampoo, copy paper, ballpoint pens,  33-gallon black trash bags, and diapers.

DHHSC made this a community project. We emailed agencies, organizations, and clubs that we partner with who also serve the Deaf Community. A vlog was made and the information was sent out on DHHSC News and Facebook. From Feb 13th to 17th a flow of supplies were brought to DHHSC. Some people donated money. My sister, Carol Brautigam, and I had the pleasure of shopping for this worthwhile project. Hoover High School made this a student project, collecting money from the students and going on a field trip to the store so the students could choose what to purchase.

All the supplies were packed and delivered to Poverello House on February 24th with a letter explaining our RAK project.

DHHSC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the DHHSC Staff, DHHSC Board of Directors, Hoover High School, Norseman Elementary School, Garfield Elementary School, Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Buchanan High School, CADCV (California Association for the Deaf Central Valley), DHHSC Advisory Committee, What Did You Say?, Fox Interpreting Services of Visalia, and the Deaf Community for showing kindness. We were overwhelmed with gratitude towards all who were involved.


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