Opinion: Caption Glasses vs. Box Captions

By Amy Martinez, Client Services Specialist in Visalia

There are a lot of things to consider regarding using caption glasses or box captions at the movies. When we watch TV or use an online service such as Apple TV or Netflix  we are used to having access, happily, to captions that are now commonly provided. Going to the movies isn’t always as reliable.

As people that usually rely on captioning to understand movies, we are often frustrated with the lack of access and have to fight for our right to have captioning made available. In recent years, thankfully, more theaters are providing this access, through devices like caption glasses and box captions, which tend to be fitted into drink holders, but these are not always perfect to use because the technology does not always successfully show all captions. Sometimes the captions are not even correct.

From my experience, what I notice about the caption glasses vs box captions, is that the glasses seem more reliable. There are a lot of problems with box captions from what I have been seen. using box captions has been horrible for us, because when I go to a movie that everyone is talking about and feels excited about, I feel frustrated when the captions don’t work. Sometime theaters will give refunds if the captions don’t work. We tell theaters to please use caption glasses, because they work better than the box. The box is also frustrating because it tends to be hard to fit in the drink cup and is difficult to adjust in order to able to see and read the captions. I feel the caption glasses are much better, because the glasses have a switch to turn on and can be adjusted to fit your head so that you can see through them clearly.

My hope is that caption glasses should become the normal way of providing captioning access in theaters everywhere in America.

What do you think? Which kind of captioning equipment do you like, and why?



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