What is Active Living?

By Cheryl Parreira, Merced Coordinator of Client Services

Active Living is a field that is garnering increased attention in recent years, a way of describing a life defined by choices that support health through physical activity, including recreation.

This inspired many  health professionals to encourage people to make active living a focus of their lives. One health coach, Amanda Sabatino, posted on 4 important keys:  Believe In Yourself, Feel Amazing, Nourish Your Body & Soul and Move Your Body.

Consolidating some of the information I have gathered from her website and others, I want to share this information with you, using the same keys she mentions:

  • What does it mean to Believe In Yourself? This means that you can have positive feelings about yourself and about others, which can influence how you handle stress and cope with changes.  If you are not able to deal with stress well, then your health can be adversely affected and your lifespan may be shortened.
  • What is Feeling Amazing? This means that you can connect to other people and be able to cope well with social situations and life’s ups and downs.  This feeling can be developed through friendship, helping out in community groups, enjoying hobbies and doing volunteer work.  These activities help you feel close to people, connected and understand your own self-worth.
  • How do you Nourish Your Body & Soul? You can develop spiritual health, leading to increased peace of mind.  Dance, music, art, religion or yoga are examples of activities that nourish your body and your spirit.  These, and more, give your life purpose and also stress relief.  You can reach out to others that may need support.
  • What does it mean to Move Your Body? You can do exercises in your daily routines, such as setting a goal of moving at least 30 minutes a day.  Walking, bicycling, playing your favorite sports, or your favorite activities such as gardening all contribute toward this goal.  When doing your healthy routines, you can reduce the risks of obesity, diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, diseases, sleep apnea and other health problems.

These 4 keys are examples of ways to incorporate Active Living into your life, to support your goals for a long and satisfying life. Taking care of your health is beneficial for everyone. YOU CAN DO IT!

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