10 ways to be artistically creative

By Krystal Rios-Harris, Client Services Specialist

Because starting or continuing a hobby is beneficial for any age,  I have chosen art. I choose art because I want to be creative.  But how does one start creating art if we don’t have any art skills?  With this in mind, I gathered a list of ten ways to be creative. Give it a try!

  1. Sign up for any kind of art class (ex; pottery, drawing, sculpture, woodshop, etc.).
  2. Start a sketchbook to draw whatever you want to draw. You can draw what is in front of you or you can imagine interesting things to draw.  Your drawing skills improve when you practice every day, never giving up. Just challenge yourself and have fun1
  3. Enjoy life while looking at your surroundings for inspiration.  Take pictures of these surroundings, whether you are in nature, a school environment, or anywhere else that inspires you! Daydream while you enjoy your inspirational environment, because daydreams give you ideas.
  4. Explore art! How? One idea is to go to art museums and see their exhibits. You could also go online to explore all kinds of art.  learning about what other artists have done, whether they are famous or unknown artists, can inspire you further. You may find your own ideas arise.
  5. Try to find your new favorite artists and think about why you enjoy their work. What is it that you want to use in your own work? All artists are inspired by other artists and borrow and change work to make it their own.
  6. Don’t be stressed about deadlines for art projects, because you have plenty of time to finish them later when your schedule clears. Stress about deadlines gets in the way of creativity for most people.
  7. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative when stressed. Actually, being creative through art is an excellent way to reduce stress. Grab your art materials when you feel sad or angry and get your emotions out on the paper or canvas. There is nothing wrong with this. That’s why they say art is therapy.
  8. Enjoy your skill right now rather than feeling bad about not being as skilled as you want to be. It’s okay to want to improve, but we are too hard on ourselves. if you are judging yourself, you might stop being creative. Instead, look at your work and see what it is you like and what you want to do less of next time.
  9. Try new ideas. You can explore possibilities. Paint with toothpaste. Draw with cinnamon. Use chalk on old shoes and then spray fixative on them. Try anything. Some ideas will fail, others will surprise you.
  10. Pick a time of the day and commit to spending that time being creative. For example, you might decide that when you wake up you will spend the first 15 minutes drawing. Or you may decide that every day when you get home, you will spend an hour creating art.














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