DHHSC’s New Public Relations/Outreach Specialist!

By Alexander Sanborn

Being a Public Relations/Outreach Specialist for DHHSC and its outreach offices is an opportunity I have come to enjoy immensely this past month. The position I now hold is the first in the history of DHHSC. If you recall, there was never a designated spokesperson, if you will, only the expectation that all DHHSC staff share PR duties on top of their other tasks and responsibilities. Too much, right? Thanks to the increased funding from Department of Social Services, Office of Deaf Access, DHHSC was able to provide some new job opportunities, including the newly created Public Relations/Outreach Specialist position.

Being an official spokesperson for DHHSC is a serious responsibility that I now undertake these days. I am responsible for overseeing DHHSC’s social media platforms on a daily basis, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and the DHHSC website. Not only that, I make vlogs, flyers, social postings, and much more as requested by my supervisor(s) as each day progresses. If anyone from the general public or the Deaf Community has questions about an event, I am the contact person as I can answer questions about DHHSC’s upcoming events. In addition to my role, I update DHHSC website with past and current pictures, do livestreaming of events, facilitate DHHSC’s booth at resource fairs, explain DHHSC’s services and programs to the public, and provide tours of DHHSC. The creation of this particular job position will help DHHSC to continue growing and thriving in the years to come.

In the past, I was the volunteer spokesperson for the now defunct Fresno Deaf Events but now I oversee the Central Valley Deaf Events, which includes advertising events from DHHSC, FSU (Fresno State University) ASL Club, and other Deaf organizations to keep everyone informed. Answering questions and addressing concerns is one of the areas where I love to serve. Sharing events on an ongoing basis is important to me, a value I uphold to this day, including doing the same here at DHHSC. I want everyone to be on the same page.

When I was a volunteer and community member, I rarely saw staff being able to do PR duties for DHHSC. They simply are just too busy with their duties and responsibilities, and keeping the Deaf Community informed has always been a challenge. Now that I am the first ever official Public Relations/Outreach Specialist in DHHSC history, I am going to do my very best to spotlight DHHSC’s excellence in the state of California for days to come.


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