Community Comments 2019

By Alexander Sanborn, Public Relations Specialist It’s that time of the year…(drumroll)…Community Comments 2019! This year’s Community Comments event will be Saturday, August 10, 2019. You, as part of our community, can express your concerns, questions, and thoughts to the DHHSC Board of Directors at the DHHSC Fresno Headquarters.  What issues do you want us […]

Fire Safety

By Wayne Johnson, Coordinator of Client Services, Salinas Batteries Do you keep batteries lose in drawers or have a bag of batteries to take to the recycler?  A 9-volt battery coming in contact with a metal object, even steel wool, creates a lot of heat in seconds.  When you close the drawer, they can come […]

DHHSC’s 35th Anniversary

By Krystal Rios-Harris, Client Services Specialist, Salinas Hard to believe DHHSC is celebrating 35 years of service in 2019!  To keep our doors open, it is very important for staff to continue providing quality services to clients through each of our four offices: Fresno Headquarters, South Valley Outreach in Visalia, Merced Outreach, and Central Coast […]